Repertory to the modalities

in their relations to temperature, air, water, winds, weather, and seasons : based mainly upon Hering"s Condensed Materia Medica : with additions from Allen, Lippe, and Hale
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Statementcompiled and arranged by Samuel Worcester.
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Repertory to the modalities in their relations to temperature, air, water, winds, weather, and seasons: based mainly upon Hering's Condensed materia medica with additions from Allen, Lippe, and Hale by Worcester, Samuel, ; National Center for Homoeopathy (U.S.), donor; American Foundation for Homoeopathy, former owner.

ra Kumar MD(Homeo) Uncategorized Repertory TITLE TITLE NAME: Repertory To the modalities in their relation to Temperature, Air, Water, Winds, Weather and Season based up mainly up on Hering’s condensed materia medica with additions from Allen, Lippe and Hale compiled and arranged by Samuel Worcester, M.D.

February 2, admin Homoeopathy Books 0 Based mainly upon Hering’s condensed Material Medica. Full name of the book is Repertory To The Modalities in Their Relations to Temperature, Air, water, Winds, Weather And Seasons Based Mainly Upon Hering’s Condensed Materia Medica With Additions From Allen, Lippe And Hale.

The book was originally compiled in and 1st Indian edition was published in 10th April Cases with more modalities can be referred to this repertory. Modalities in regards with all types are mentioned.

Fever cases with more modalities can be referred. Audio Books & Poetry Community Audio Computers, Technology and Science Music, Arts & Culture News & Public Affairs Non-English Audio Spirituality & Religion.

Librivox Free Audiobook. Full text of "Repertory to the Modalities, in Their Relations to Temperature, Air, Water. A useful article about details about Modalities chapter from Dr. Oscar Eugene Boericke’s clinical homeopathic repertory, based on the Materia Medica by William Boericke, published in Bidwell’s How to Repertory to the modalities book the Repertory was primarily meant to be a guide to Kent’s Repertory.

In addition to being a guide to Kent’s Repertory, this book lists common symptoms and describes the different way various medicines experience this symptom. - The same arrangement of each section is used throughout the book so that the sequence once understood the finding of any rubric is very simple.

First. – Time. Second. – Conditions {modalities}, in alphabetical succession. Third. – Where there is condition of Pain it is arranged as to: (a) Locality, (b) Character. (c) Extension. The Repertory of the homoeopathic materiamedica is the book recommended for the undergraduates thus making the book popular among students and also popular among practitioners.

But the repertory of the more characteristic symptoms of the materiamedica is the the repertories are based on deductive logic, where the general symptoms. 1) The Therapeutic Pocketbook, Bönninghausen's own repertory.

You can learn about the depth of care and scholarship that has gone into this all-new translation by reading The Therapeutic Pocket Book by Gregory Pais and Peter Vint.

2, 3, 4) Boger collated the work of Bönninghausen and his own work into the Boger-Bönninghausen Repertory. Repertory to rheumatic remedies is one of the regional repertories by constitutes of 25 chapters where the repertory can be used to work out the cases with complete symptoms and prominent Repertory to the modalities book only deals with the rheumatic affections but also with other rubrics related to general and particular symptoms.

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The next repertory to come out was written by Clemens Maria Boenninghausen in It was called Repertory of Anti-psorics and focused on the importance of modalities (something that makes a particular condition better or worse). The importance of Modalities from BBCR in reaching the Similimum of the case and how the totality of the case is rearranged as per the selected repertory is understood by this study.

So in all patient, included in the study I have tried to understand the complete picture of the case & working out of case on the basis of modalities from BBCR.

All the modalities help to the individualizing and help to the selection of remedy. [3] Dr.

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Boger rearranges the repertory part by giving modalities in each chapter and at the end there is a separate chapter on modalities, conditions of aggravations and ameliorations in this chapter Dr.

Boger given the modalities in very detailed manner. ABSTRACT. This is a book review of The Rheumatic Remedies by Herbert A Roberts which comprises of Materia Medica with remedies that have an affinity with rheumatism and lists the remedy symptoms for each part of the body athy is based on symptomatological treatment.

This book is of great help for doctors treating rheumatic diseases. The success coming form Boenninghausen’s Pocket-book is due to the arrangement whereby generals can be quickly made use of to furnish modalities for individual symptoms, whether general or particular.

This feature is preserved in my REpertory, as all know who use it. Use of Repertory By James Tyler Kent. As Homeopathy includes both science and art, Repertory study must consist of science and art.

The Scientific method is the mechanical method; taking all the symptoms and writing out all the associated remedies with gradings, making a summary with grades marked, at.

A concise repertory cannot take the place of exhaustive repertories of Kent, Boeninghausen and others. It is aimed at reducing the burden of the prescriber, in every sense of the word. In this repertory, the headings mentals, generals, modalities, organs, and their sub-parts are all arranged according to their alphabetical order.

ABSTRACT: This article deals with the construction and use of a lesser known repertory, The Clinic Repertory by Pw Shedd. This review will give you a clear view about how it is designed and how it is helpful.

This book was written based on the order of case taking, where the author gives more importance to the ailments and modalities followed by the sensation and location.

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This book is a clinical rather than a symptomatological index and has many technical terms as main headings. Owing to its small size a great many symptoms have had to be omitted from the repertory. Owing to its small size a great many symptoms have had to be omitted from the repertory. The book is sturdy and the print clear and bold; it’s easy to see the rubric headings and graded remedies.

Drs. Pitcairn and Jenson provide a helpful preface that details how and why the repertory was designed, as well as how to use it efficiently.

I highly recommend this repertory to any veterinary homeopathic prescriber. ~Marybeth Minter, DVMReviews:   Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book[btpb] 1.

Presented By: Dr. Vandana.B. E PG, Dept. of Repertory (Part 1 Guided By: Dr. Rita Chakrabort 2. The principles and practicability of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic pocket book For Homoeopathicphysicians to use at the bedside and in the study of the Materia medica By T.

This repertory is intended to serve as a handy and useful reference book. It is an attempt to lessen the difficulties of the prescriber. Remedies for a particular rubric are reduced to minimum possible by a careful selection.

No drug is given unless there is strong justification provided for it, by authorities like Dr. Boger, Dr. Kent, Dr. Clarke's dictionary, etc. H.A. Roberts describes this new Repertory as perhaps one of the greatest pieces of Homoeopathic literature left by Boger, than whom there was never a more thorough student of Boenninghausen.

That Boger compiled printed pages of "Additions to Kent's Repertory" speaks volumes for his deep knowledge of and insight into the characteristics of. repertory Homeopathy A reference book which lists homeopathic symptoms and the remedies used to treat them. Because the details on the modalities, locations and sensations associated with the symptoms may be exhaustive, repertories are typically very large.

Each location is followed by the particular sensations, modalities and concomitants, which were lacking in Therapeutic Pocket Book and Kent’s Repertory. For reference as well as repertorization of a case where particulars are dominating the picture, this repertory can be.

Part 1 is a materia medica with symptoms specifically relating to rheumatic conditions plus common concomitants & general modalities; Part 2 is the repertory based on this.

Foreword: To UNDERTAKE the building of a repertory to any homoeopathic therapeutic work is an unsatisfactory task. Repertory is a book and is an index or store house of Homoeopathic drugs which are arranged in a systematic manner with their relative gradations of drugs against individual rubrics (symptoms) which facilitates the quick selection of remedies.

INFERENCE-MODALITIES- found most striking in the presented case, so put under intensity three[3]. -Modalities-Pathological generals-Causation and time.-Principle of generalization (if Sensation or Modalities are present in more than three parts). He has original letters from Kent and Hering, original (handwritten) manuscripts of books, a repertory that belonged to J.H.

Clarke, books bearing the signatures of Nash, Hering, Lippe, Fincke. Development of Repertory The subject of the repertory is vast and complex, and this Rough Guide does not have the scope to cover it all - repertories are documented in Julian Winston’s book ‘The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature’ - but [this article] will illustrate the broader shape and logic of it’s development, and the ongoing quest for the perfect repertory.

Repertory. All those who criticized Boenninghausen's work for no differentiation between general and particular modalities, got an answer for it in this repertory. The plan of this book is based on ‘Repertory of the Antipsorics’, which is one of the most initial and fine repertories of homeopathic history.

This book has modalities.With the advent of the incomparable Ninth Edition of the progressive pocket Materia Medica, its modest companion, the Repertory, has been completely remodelled and brought up to date, by embodying much of the newly incorporated material.

Many of the Sections have been carefully rewritten, and, with appropriate expansion, offer a more trustworthy guide for the selection of the homœopathic remedy.Synthesis repertory is the first database repertory.

ik Schroyens and the leading homoeopaths in the world together did the work for development of synthesis repertory.

Synthesis is a repertory to link with RADAR (Rapid aid to drug aimed research) project. Since .